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Choosing Japanese Noren Curtains

Noren are Japanese traditional curtains composed of one or more vertical panels. In Japan, you can see them in front of shops and restaurants with the name or logo of the place or as a protection from the sun, heat, cold, wind and dust. Noren curtains are actually a sign that the place is open for business. They can also be used as room dividers (if you are interested in room dividers, see our post on shoji screens) as well as doorway or window curtains. As a room partition, it won’t be your way since it is usually split so you can easily walk through.

Noren curtains come in various materials and styles. They look very traditional and they can just as well fit in western homes for an Asian and elegant look. They will provide privacy in a home or business place while allowing light to shine through. They usually include a sleeve for a rod making them easy to set up.

This imported Japanese noren curtain by Narumi  appears among the most affordable norens (below $15) and is divided into four small panels. Its is more of a decoration item than a real room divider because of it short length and it will please those who want to add a traditional Japanese touch to their home. Made in cotton, it features famous Asian Manekineko (lucky charm cat) and comes in two different background colors.

A lot of designs are available if you are looking for longer noren curtains to use as a divider, like this longer Navy Blue Cotton Cloth one by Fukui Textile Factory. It presents very simple design with white stripes and solid navy color making it easy to fit in any interiors. It can separate areas in your home while letting air flow. You will also like how easy it to clean and maintain it.

Narumi Ukiyoe Noren offers noren curtains with more traditional Japanese designs . It is split into two rectangles which are long enough to be hung in a doorway or in front of a window for more privacy without blocking all the light. This authentic noren was made in Japan and feature famous Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. You will like it for its quality material and soothing colors.

Here is another example of more traditional Japanese-style noren by NeoConcept . It features pretty cherry blossom flowers over a white moon with relaxing colors. It is made out of linen certifying its quality, thus offering great value for money.

If quality and linen material count to you and if your budget is more generous, you can have a look at this pretty green noren curtain by T-Trove . Its design offers a very traditional Japanese look with sleek bamboo and leaves print on thin but sturdy hand-woven linen. It will add privacy to your interior while letting light and air flow.

You might also want to consider this noren by IKEHIKO  showing cherry blossom branches on a blue moon background. It is also entirely made of linen and composed of two flaps. It will add a classy Japanese touch to your home.

Noren rods

Perfect, you have chosen your noren curtain and you now need to hang it. You can use any kind of curtain rods for it. If you want to follow the Japanese style of your noren, you can have a look at bamboo-style rods.

Expandable rod by InterDesign . It is made out of steel and plastic but looks like wood so you would be able to remain in the Asian look already given by the noren. This affordable tension rod is easy to set up as it doesn’t require any drilling (noren curtains are light enough so weight shouldn’t be an issue) and comes in several colors and lengths.

If you want something that is more sturdy, you can have a look at these bamboo-finish rods by Menagerie. They are appreciated for their natural look and come with sockets to be mounted on the wall for a good grip.

Noren curtains are now widely spread and you will definitely find one that meets your color and design expectation.

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