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Bamboo Rug: Elegant and Versatile

Thinner version of a tatami mat, a bamboo rug can be used to furnish and brighten any interior. It also works well as a base for your futon.

Bamboo is appreciated for its eco-friendly, light and durable characteristics. As a plus, it helps regulate temperature and humidity and looks very natural. It will instantly bring a peaceful and calming atmosphere to you interior. You will also like how easy it is to clean and maintain.

Here is a selection of rugs you might like to have a look at:

This bamboo rug is offered by Oriental Furniture, a trustworthy company when it comes come Asian furniture. It is a good quality rug and you can’t really go wrong with it. It comes in several colors and always looks very chic and classy with its nice black border.

If you are looking for something less classic, you will like this rug by the same company . It presents an original design with a leaf pattern on a natural wood color background and comprises a black fabric border. It will add a nice decorative and Asian touch to your home and set a zen atmosphere.

Very elegant as well, this Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat by casa pura is also functional. Offered in a chestnut brown color, this affordable mat was designed for bathrooms and saunas. It is made of ecological hygienic bamboo material and provides a smooth touch.

If your budget is really tight, you can have a look at this Natural Bamboo Step Mat by Ginsey. This very affordable and functional option is made of bamboo and other materials with a black fabric border for a classic look. You can use it in the bathroom as well in any other room just like a regular rug.

Bamboo rugs are a very easy way to add a Japanese touch to your home or workplace. They exist in different sizes, colors and designs which will make it easy for you to find one that will meet your expectations and needs.

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