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What Is A Kakebuton Comforter?

A kakebuton comforter, also known as “kakefuton” or “kake futon”, is a crucial element of a traditional Japanese bed. Similar to western duvets, kakebutons are traditionally made of hand-pulled silk and are thus a great choice if you suffer from allergies because of its resistance to moisture and inability to host creatures like dustmites and mildew.

Kakebutons are a great alternative to their western counterparts since they are breathable and lightweight thanks to the silk filling which will also maintain your body temperature and keeps you warm.

They usually comprise a removable cover that is easily washable for more convenience. They come in various designs, thicknesses and materials, thus meeting every budget.

This high-quality J-Life . According to the Japanese tradition, it is filled with anti-allergies mulberry silk. The outer cover includes a zipper and is easily washable. It presents a very elegant design with a neat border and delicate pattern available in several colors.

This contemporary kakebuton also offered by J-Life is composed of quality material such as mulburry silk. Just like the comforter presented above, it combined a stylish look with a modern pattern, comfort and health benefit as it is hypo-allergenic as well as anti dust mites and mildew.

This more affordable comforter by Emoor is not composed of silk but has been treated to be anti-bacterial, anti-tick and deodorized. It is made in Japan, which guarantees its authenticity. You can choose among the different sizes to meet your own needs and will appreciate the simple design and style, allowing you to attach a cover.

Emoor also offer these additional comforter covers that come in various sizes and colors to fit your bedroom perfectly. They include zippers to be easily set, removed and washed. These quality covers need to be carefully maintained to keep their shape and color.

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