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Stay warm with a japanese kotatsu

In the purest Japanese tradition, a kotatsu is a low wooden table covered with a futon and set over a charcoal heater in the flooring. Kotatsu tables are still used nowadays but the materials can vary. They usually include an electric heater built in the frame. You can sit on a cushion with your legs under the table to keep warm during the cold months.

Kotatsu table

This Casual kotatsu by YAMAZEN includes a detachable top plate to put over the futon. The table top is also reversible allowing you to change colors and atmospheres. The table is made of good quality, sturdy plastic. The included heater comprises a power cord, an on-and-off switch and adjustable heat settings. There is also a felt cage around the heater to prevent any burns.

This Japanese product is easy to assemble and will definitely take you to Japan while providing comfort. Since it is imported directly from Japan, note that you will need a converter to use it in the United States.

If you are looking for a different style, you will love this wooden kotatsu by Azumaya Japan . This table looks so elegant and natural that you can even use it without a futon. It also has folding legs for easy storage. You can of course also use it as a traditional kotatsu table thanks to its included electrical heater and removable tabletop.

If you like the kotatsu concept but sitting on the floor is not for you, you will want to have a look at this heating dining table by YAMAZEN . Like the low tables presented above, this one includes a heater and also comes with a remote control. It will allow you to keep warm while comfortably seating on a chair, as usual.

Kotatsu futon

A kotatsu futon is a padded comforter used to keep the warmth from your kotatsu table. It fits between the table and the removable top plate.

This futon by YAMAZEN is designed to fit perfectly a kotatsu table. It comprises practical pockets to store your remote controls.

This padded blanket by Tokyo Nishikawa is reversible in addition to being very comfortable. The two colors will make it easy to fit in your interior. It will give your home a Japanese touch and keep you warm in winter.

Kotatsu heater

If you are a DIY amateur, you can completely personalize you kotatsu. You can actually add a kotatsu heater to any table that you like, whether it is a coffee or dining table and regardless of its shape and material.

This Japanese kotatsu heater by Metro can be attached to the table of your choice. If your table doesn’t include a frame to fit the heater in, you can simply fix it with L-brackets. It includes a knob so you will be able control the temperature.


For safety issues, you will need a converter to use any electrical Japanese devices in the USA. This transformer by VCT will be perfect to use your Japanese kotatsu at home without worries.

If you have a kotatsu at home, feel free to let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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