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Japanese Zabuton Cushions – Reviews

A Japanese zabuton is a large, usually square-shaped cushion used to sit or kneel on the floor. It brings support when sitting crossed-legged and is designed to avoiding any pressure on your ankles and knees. It is traditionally used to sit on the floor, to enjoy the warmth of a kotatsu table for instance. You will also need zabuton cushions for meditation. In that case, you can use it alone or as a mat to support meditation bench or meditation cushion (zafu) for more comfort.

You will love this traditional zabuton by J-Life . It is made according to the Japanese tradition from beautiful cotton fabric that has been imported from Japan. The cover includes a zipper, making it easy to remove and to wash. This is a sturdy, good-quality and comfortable floor cushion that will definitely meet your expectations. It is also available in several designs and colors so you can choose what will fit your interiors the best.

This affordable zabuton by Bean Products is perfect for meditating. In addition to coming in various colors, it is made with eco-friendly material and includes an easily removable cover. You can use it to sit directly on the floor and it is especially popular for the extra padding it brings when associated with a zafu or a meditating chair. This quality, durable product is also very easy to travel with.

You will want to have a look at this square zabuton by Zen Naturals . It is large and includes enough padding to bring sufficient support when sitting on the floor. It comprises a removable cover and is light-weight and fluffy for easy transportation. It comes in several colors and can be paired with a zafu cushion.

You will love the style of this zabuton by Four Seasons . It is hand-made and imported from Japan, ensuring high quality. It is comfortable and just firm enough with the rush material that will bring good support. The fabric is the same used for kimonos, making it a very authentic product.

If you are looking for something more practical, you should consider this zabuton by Hugger Mugger . It will perfectly pair with a zafu and you can fold it for easy storage and transportation. It will provide good support and allow you to keep a better posture without compromising on comfort.

You can also change the style of your zabuton with these zabuton covers by Totas . They are easy to use and wash thanks to their zippers and show a traditional cherry blossoms design.

As an alternative for sitting on the floor, you can have a look at this Tatami Chair by the trustworthy Oriental Furniture company. It comprises a back for better support and you can fold it for easy transportation. This chair will combine perfectly with a kotatsu heating table.

Do you have a zabuton cushion at home? How did you choose it and how do you use it?

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