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How to pick a Japanese Shoji Lamp

Shoji lamps are traditionally composed of a wooden frame and rice paper shade panels. They instantly add a traditional Japanese look to your interior and set an atmosphere in the room. They provide a soft and non-aggressive light for the most relaxing ambiance. Floor lamp, table lamp or even hanging lamp, they come in various shapes and sizes and you will find a lot of different designs.

Floor lamps

These lamps designed to be set on directly on the floor feature a Japanese-inspired style. They are perfect to add some light to a poorly lit area and they make great decoration items.

This Japanese inspired floor lamp by ORE is made of a steel frame covered with white linen shade. It is appreciated for its simple, modern and elegant look You will love it in your bedroom, living room or even your office. It will providing soft, calming lighting for a relaxing atmosphere.

This other floor lamp by Adesso made of black-painted wood is very contemporary and sleek, with a Japanese influence thanks to its window-pane style. Its fabric shade will allow a dim and warm light in your home. In addition to its stylish design, this lamp includes convenient sturdy shelves. It will provide extra storage space in your room or allow for decoration items.

Table lamps

Table lamps are perfect accessories to finish furnishing a room and give it a different atmosphere. They are elegant and will add this Japanese touch to the room.

This option by ORIENTAL FURNITURE is a traditional Japanese-style table lamp. You will love its good quality with sturdy wood and traditional reinforced rice paper shade. This lamp also features a stylish Japanese design with bamboo trees. You can even choose between several colors so that your lamp can fit perfectly in your home. It will bring peace and tranquility to your home.

This table lamp by Oriental Furnishings has a traditional and modern look to it. More than just a lamp, it is a beautiful decorative item made out of eco-friendly solid wood and white rice paper. The design and material are completely in line with the Japanese tradition. It remains also very simple and neat making it easy to fit any style of interior.

Hanging lamps

If you like the design of the table shoji lamps, you can have a look at these similar Japanese ceiling lamps as well.

This hanging lamp by Khafuh Japan has a very attractive natural look. It is made of wood and rice paper making it authentic. Everything you need to hang it on your ceiling is included. It will bring perfect soft lighting to the room and is very decorative.

This ceiling lamp by ORIENTAL FURNITURE features a slightly different shape that you will love too. It is also made out of wood and reinforced rice paper so that heat won’t be an issue. In addition to the Asian look it brings, it will also add cheerful colors to your home with the stylish rosewood finish.

Do you have your own shoji lamp? How did you pick it?

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