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How Japanese Buckwheat Hull Pillows Improve Your Sleep

A buckwheat pillow is a natural and ecofriendly product. Filled with buckwheat hulls (sobakawa in Japanese), it has been used in Japan and other Asian countries for centuries. It has then become very popular in western countries for its health properties. You will easily be able to personalize your pillow and make it your own by adding another pillow case or a decorative cover.

Buckwheat triangle husks are harvested from a flowering plant mainly grown in Asia. As a pillow filling, it adapts to your head and neck and holds the shape. Buckwheat pillows relieve pains due to bad sleep postures as they offer good support. They will help you get rid of the headaches as well as shoulder and neck pains you feel when you wake up. You will notice your muscle tension and overall stress are reduced.

This kind of pillows is even recommended by health professionals for sleep troubles.

They will also solve allergy problems (unless you’re allergic to buckwheat itself) and they resist dust mites.

You will have no difficulty maintaining them as they usually are easy to wash. If they have a zipper, you can simply empty them from the hulls and just put them in the washer like a traditional pillow case. You can also replace the hulls when you feel that they’re starting to crumble over time. Note that husks don’t wash, or at least I don’t recommend it since they don’t dry easily.

Buckwheat pillows are usually made of cotton and very durable. They are more expensive than traditional pillows but they are a good investment since they last much longer- you will keep your pillow for at least 10 years. Most of them offer a zipper to access the seeds so you can adjust the filling if it feels too full or not enough. The husks are not compressed, they don’t get compact which make the pillow airy and keeps it dry and fresh. You will also want to make sure it’s not filled with synthetic hulls. Seeking for good quality products, I will only recommend 100% cotton and 100% buckwheat pillows.

Traditional and Simple

The most basic I know is the inexpensive Original Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow by Nature Pillows. Composed of 100% cotton and 100% buckwheat hulls, it is made in the US so you will like it if making local businesses work is important to you. The combination cotton-buckwheat makes it breathable and will help keep your head cool for a better sleep. Ensuring a comfortable night, it is available in one size so you will want to make sure it would fit you. Its downside is that it doesn’t have any zipper. It doesn’t go to the washing machine and you will need to add a protective pillow case.

This similar but bigger Buckwheat Pillow Queen Size by Balance Living follows the Japanese tradition with superior quality material. It also offers a zipper so you can add or remove husks to adjust your comfort if you like a more or less firm pillow. It provides good support for your head and neck to ease your pain.

I can also recommend this very convenient Buckwheat Pillow Travel Size by Balance Living. It is made of 100% organic buckwheat hulls and 100% cotton. It shows good quality for a competitive price. It states travel size but it can also fit children. It will help relieve headaches, neck and shoulder pains as well as improve your sleep. Easy to pack, it also offers a zipper to adjust the quantity of the filling to your own needs and preference.

Ergonomic Shape

You may want to consider pillows that have a different shape if you find it difficult to get comfortable on a traditional buckwheat pillow.

This great quality Buckwheat Pillow With Case by ComfyComfy is made in the US so you can support local economy. It provides complete head and neck support thanks to its cylindrical shape. You can choose the size which is nice if you consider traveling with it. The zipper will allow you to adjust the quantity of buckwheat husks. It comes with a fitting case and both are durable and high quality to ensure real health benefits and comfort.

You can also have a look at this Organic Buckwheat Pillow by Qbedding. Just like all the pillows presented above, it is made of 100% cotton and 100% organic buckwheat hulls.It comes in several colors and with a fitting washable case. If you like stiff pillows, you will probably like it as it is but you can adjust it to your own comfort by adding or removing hulls thanks to the zipper. You will appreciate its unique shape that makes it less noisy than a traditional buckwheat pillow. It offers good support and perfectly takes the shape of your head and neck. This high-quality product is as popular as comfortable.

Filling Replacement

If you have had your pillow for a long time, you might feel like the hulls are starting to crumble. It is actually very easy to find replacement like this Organic Buckwheat Hulls Bag by Beans72Buckwheat Pillows. This is a 5 lbs bag of 100% high quality, organic and well-cleaned husks. It can also be useful if you want to add some filling to your pillow to make it firmer.

Well-Being Derivatives

Buckwheat hull pillows inspired other well-being accessories like this affordable Aromatherapy Organic Lavender, Buckwheat Hull Eye Pillow by taketwopillows. This declination of the traditional buckwheat pillow is filled with a mix of buckwheat hulls, flax seeds and lavender buds. You will definitely love its smell. You can microwave or freeze it to benefit from the long-lasting cold or warm effects. Although it is made for your eyes, you can also use it on your neck or shoulders to relieve any pain or sore muscles and it can help you relax before you go to bed.

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