The Shiki Futon, also known as Shikibuton, is vital to complete the Japanese bed as a whole as it will define the comfort level of your sleep. Unlike contemporary futons made from foam and wool, Shiki Futons are made of 100% organic cotton. The thickness can range 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) depending on the brand and make and will hold its shape for over 4 years. All Shiki Futons are wrapped in cotton or silk which prevents wear and tear and blocks many allergens.

Black Bamboo Japanese Floor Futon

J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

I personally recommend the Traditional Japanese Shiki Futon from J-Life because of its solid construction and easy storability. This Shiki Futon has a tough outer cover and 4 inches of cotton batting while still maintaining a comfort level for nightly usage. The zipper on the side allows access to the cotton for easy removal, additions or cleaning.. [Learn More]

Black Bamboo Japanese Floor Futon

Black Bamboo Traditional Japanese Floor Futon

Another great Shiki Futon is the Black Bamboo Traditional Japanese Floor Futon by D&D Futon Furniture. This is perfect for a single person. The exterior is smooth and silky and folds up easily for quick storage.. [Learn More]

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